#LDNMovesMe Ambassadors

Born Barikor

I founded Our Parks when, as a former athlete from a council estate in Tower Hamlets, I found myself with no money to join a gym, but wanted to keep fit. That gave me the idea of creating an accessible pathway to exercise for people from lower incomes by working with councils and development agencies to offer the public free outdoor exercise classes. I want to get 100,000 Parkers (what we call our Our Parks community) fit for free by 2018. Sport, fitness and team work can have incredibly, life-changing effects on people’s health – and I want to spread that across as many people as possible in the city I came from.

Julie Creffield

Hi! I’m Julie Creffield, plus-size marathon runner, and a born and bred East Londoner who got completely inspired by the London 2012 Olympics to take up sport. I didn’t look like an athlete; I still don’t, really, despite having taken part in hundreds of races covering everything from Tough Mudders to Marathons.

London plays a huge part in my enjoyment of sport. I love finding nature within the city, the parks and open space, canals and tow paths. We really are spoilt for choice for running routes. I’m on a mission to get a million overweight and inactive people running through my work, to challenge perceptions of what runners actually look like, and to show that running really has no size.

David Garrido

I’m a presenter for Sky Sports, fronting live coverage of Spanish football, and also on Sky Sports News HQ. As my job would suggest, I have always loved sport, but never dreamt I could incorporate it into my career. Like many young people, I dreamed of being a professional sportsman – first football, then tennis and even, slightly randomly, snooker. London is where I’ve lived for almost 15 years, and it has always moved me – from playing 11-a-side on an AstroTurf pitch in Docklands and running through Greenwich Park, to my current 5-a-side group, my local badminton club in Isleworth and the Sky gym. I love the community spirit that exists in London – it’s something quite unique to this city, and can only help people get off their backsides and into exercise.

Francois “Forrest” Mahop

Francois “Forrest” Mahop was one of the early pioneers of the parkour movement in France, and is a founder of Parkour Generations and a founding member of the world’s first National Governing Body for Parkour, Parkour UK. Francois opened the launch of #LDNMovesMe with a special Parkour session at the Chainstore Parkour Academy.

Khara Mills

I work in nutrition, weight management, and sports nutrition. I’m also a volunteer coach with Mini Mermaid Running Club UK. I run, swim a bit, and these days I’m a fair weather cyclist! London inspires me to be active – there’s always somewhere interesting to see. I love running or cycling into the city early in the morning, or heading along the canal before it gets busy. I run and walk much more than I ever used to before living in London – as a way of getting to where I need to go, it’s one of the easiest ways of getting around the city!


Susie Rodgers

I’ve competed in two Paralympic Games, at London 2012 and Rio 2016, winning a total of 30 international medals, including European, World and Paralympic Golds. Although I wasn’t born in London, I’ve made it my home now – and that includes being a Patron of London Disability Swimming Club, Disability Sports Coach, and King Edward VI High School for Girls Assisted Places Scheme. At the start of this year, I was a guest at the London Sport Awards – and that was an amazing way to see the different ways that London moves people every day!

Goldie Sayers

I’m a three-time Olympian and British record holder for the javelin. I also won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and am a former GB Athletics team captain. As a youngster, I was a county netball, hockey and tennis plays, as well as national U11 table tennis champion. I’ve always loved being active!

For me, London is the greatest city on earth. I love walking around London, and most weekends you’ll find me walking in Highgate Wood or Hampstead Heath. London can get busy and hectic, but nature’s never very far away to help re-energise and restore the body and mind!

Perri Shakes-Drayton

You may know me as PSD – back when I was in school, though, I was known as Perri Anne (no idea what my mum was thinking!) I grew up in Poplar, and even as a child I have always been active. Growing up in East London was all I knew at the time, and even if it wasn’t the most glamorous place to live, it’s what I knew – and I never thought of it as a disadvantage. You just crack on!

London moves me all hours of the day. In the early hours of a morning, particularly on a Sunday, I love cycling on a Santander bike alongside my mum, carefree and barely any traffic! It’s so easy to spot people now, decked out in sportswear, and ready to work up a sweat – that’s not something you’d have seen years ago!

Roy Smith MBE

I’ve been a member of Metro Blind Sports for nearly 40 years, following sight loss I experienced in the early 1970s. I’m passionate about all sports, from grassroots to elite, and was a founder member of British Blind Sport. I’m a lifelong Chelsea supporter, Paralympic high jumper, and will have a go at anything active. I still enjoy playing tennis and cricket – as well as dancing, red wine, Guinness and a party!